All of our weddings are extraordinary. Whether you’re serving vintage burgundy to fifty or a champagne toast to a thousand, we are here to ensure that every glass stays filled with the highest quality beverages. From the best man’s toast being in hand, to the properly paired wine being served to match the entree, we make sure the beloved couple feels their special day is truly exceptional.

Our expert wedding beverage planners will help design your big day, from selecting the perfect cocktail list, to choosing the perfect champagne….Just a few ways we make your celebration magical. We will help make your dreams come alive by personalising every detail from elegant bar design to suit your taste, to classy cocktails to make every bride┬ájealous!

Our wedding services include…

Champagne toast recommendations, planning and execution

Sommelier to help select and pair wines

Recommendations for caterers, photographers, musicians and other professionals

Full bar services

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