Mobile Bar Hire London

So you have a date and time for your event. Now all you need is to  arrange the food and drink. If this has fallen on you to arrange we can help. Our mobile bar hire London can take care of everything from start to finish.  We can include professional mixologists and even furniture and fun props to make your event go  amazingly well. We have over 15 years experience in this industry and can offer complete help and guidance in all that you need.

We can help with small casual events to large scale ones too from a few hundred to over a thousand guests. We pride ourselves son being a full service provider and  we even offer dry hire too so you just rent our set ups and props.


You use your own staff as well if you like  or we can provide experts who really know their stuff. You can even hire some of our unique and bespoke furniture to create an enticing area for your guests and to make the event look extra special. We cater for any event, wedding, party, business ceremony and more.  We cove the London area but can go further afield if required also.  You can choose to have your bars cash pay or prepaid so essentially, it’s a free bar, the choice is yours. Simply tell us about your event on our websites simple contact form and we will get back to you with a free no obligation quote.


We can discuss all your requirements too if you have any questions or are not sure which direction to take with your mobile bar hire London.

Our professional mixologists can turn their hand to anything and create amazing cocktails and drinks for your event, we can even make up something new dedicated to your company name or the main person for the party, maybe bride and groom or the birthday person. We can create any type bar from old rustic ones to modern contemporary ones, each with  its own unique feel and look, we can  create a look to go with your theme also if you have one in mind. We include a lounging area also if you need this and can incorporate fun props  to humour the guests.

We can include cocktail menus and other bespoke menus too for you to use at your event. We offer the same professional approach in set up and  bar tending  no matter what size the event, from under a hundred to thousands. Each client receives the same level of dedication and attention, ensuring a fantastic finish and unique experience for your guests. Speak to us today and let us work with your ideas to create a welcoming and  creative environment for your guests.  Remember we can also supply expert mixologists and bar tenders to complete the look and feel.

Speak to us today about your mobile bar hire London requirements and we can provide a free no obligation quote anytime.

Mobile Bar Hire London

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